Bike Radar takes cyclists breathing seriously!

Bike Radar takes cyclists breathing seriously!

The Bike Radar Breathing yourself faster article takes cyclists to a new level of performance and wellbeing by publishing the breathing exercises we have developed at 2oygen8 over the course of a decade with input from academics, researchers and practitioners in sports science and medicine, coaching, physiotherapy and psychology.

Using 4 core exercises that can be practised by cyclists of all ages in all stages of health Bike Radar has opened a global door to riders who are searching for improved efficiency, health and wellbeing while exploring their passion for cycling:

Now, cyclists can begin to explore their athletic potential while practising breathing from their home, office or hotel without the fatigue generally associated with training.

One of the exercises is a simulated altitude training exercise that can be practised anywhere, anytime. Research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology by Dufor et al showed that altitude training can increase aerobic efficiency by 5-7 percent, and for most cyclists this advantage alone can improve the pleasure of long-distance rides and climbing.

Coaching cyclists and athletes of all levels and abilities from all over the world via skype has enabled Nick Marshall to improve the lives and performances of 100s of riders.