Key exercise 3 of 3: Exhale Stretch Count

Key exercise 3 of 3: Exhale Stretch Count


a) Seated comfortably, place right hand on chest and left hand on the belly
b) Place a stopwatch or timer next to you and set it to 4 minutes
c) Looking down at your hands begin to reduce the size and speed of your breathing for 4 minutes. Reduce your breathing until you feel a sustainable ‘need for air’



a) At the end of 4 minutes, stop the timer and reset it
b) Take a small inhale, exhale then hold your breath and time this breath-hold
c) Make a note of this breath-hold time




Repeat steps 1 and 2 x 3 times, taking note of each breath-hold time

When the 4 series are finished;
a) Stand up and have a glass of water if you feel thirsty
b) Inhale, exhale, then hold your breath and walk in a straight line or around the room counting the steps until you reach your maximum number
c) Take note of this number


A key goal for an asthmatic is to build their exhale block count to 45 seconds and steps count to 60+ over the course of 4 weeks.