Asthma solutions for children aged 5-7 years old with Yoga breathing

Asthma solutions for children aged 5-7 years old with Yoga breathing

Reducing asthma medication in children to levels that are manageable and unimposing is the key role of 82 Breathing Analysis & Coaching in an asthmatics child and their families life.

It is important that an asthmatic who has been treating their asthma with medication retains that medication locally but also in the case of a young child the family feels capable to respond to and mediate the triggers that bring on asthma BEFORE they need to medicate.
Because asthma is largely induced by hypocapnia (an excess of oxygen in the bloodstream) brought on by hyperventilation, treating the causes of hyperventilation are fundamental.

The fact that an excess of oxygen is considered to be the cause of asthma can seem counter-intuitive and somewhat foolish. But consider this first; An asthmatic will breathe up to 15 – 20 breaths per minute with the mouth, with each breath larger than the average 500 ml. Assuming that each breath is 700 ml, the average respiratory minute volume for this person is 10 to 15 litres of air per minute. When we compare an asthmatic and a non-asthmatic side-by-side it is actually the asthmatic that breathes nearly 2 – 3 times more than the non-asthmatic, even though they feel like they are not breathing enough.
– This results in an over-oxygenation of the blood (hypocapnia), a dangerous situation for children.

What can we do for children when they over-breathe and therefore have all the symptoms of Stress and a susceptibility for asthma (1)? Use the 3 KISS, or ‘3 Kids Secret’;

  1. Make sure the child’s nose is clear using the Noddy exercise
  2. Use key exercise 3
  3. Reduce their overall fatigue by closing their mouth while they sleep:
    a) Before the child goes to sleep place a backpack containing a pillow inside on their back – this prevents them rolling onto their back and mouth breathing
    b) For older children gently press their lips together and place a 3cm (1 inch) section of micro-porous tape on their mouth

For many of the families I have worked with the above steps are enough to reduce asthma symptoms and susceptibility to a marked degree within a few days of starting.

Sandberg S, Järvenpää S, Penttinen A, Paton J, Mccann D. Asthma exacerbations in children immediately following stressful life events: a Cox’s hierarchical regression. Thorax 2004 59:1046-1051