Simulated Altitude Training Coaching Program

In 2015 we launched a Simulated Altitude Training Coaching Program to enable trainers and coaches to become familiar with the principles of hypoxic training mindfully without hypobaric chambers or apparatus. After many successes with our clients in mountaineering, ultra-trail, apnea and corporate performance we are happy to share with you the chapters found in the program and encourage coaches and trainers to follow for free. Happy reading!

Introduction to the 82 Athlete Simulated Altitude Training Program
1.1: Altitude Training Program – Breath quality and its effect on health and illness
1.2: Healthy breathing for sport; nasal breathing and training with the nose
1.3: Hypoxic exercises for health based on Yoga
1.4: Simulated Altitude Training and Yoga Tradition
1.5: Quality of health and its effect on breathing; Buteyko introduction

* We will be sharing more chapters regularly so come back and check in 🙂
Best, Nick Marshall

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